Bin LI (China)

Professor Bin Li graduated from the Capital Medical University in 1982. As a visiting scholar, she went to Denmark Eye Pathology Institute to study Ophthalmic Pathology, and went to the Ophthalmology Department of Gentofter Hospital, Copenhagen University to conduct a clinical research project during 1992 - 1993.

She served as Deputy Director of the Beijing Tongren Eye Center Medical Office, Deputy Director of the Orbital Disease and Oncology Division, Director of BASIC department, and as a Committee Member of Beijing Academy of Ophthalmology Faculty Committee. At present, she is the Director of the Department of Ocular Pathology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, the Deputy Head of the Ophthalmology Pathology group of the Chinese Ophthalmology Society, and the member of APSOOP.

She has engaged in ophthalmic clinical work for more than 30 years, and has demonstrated long-term commitment to specialized fields of ophthalmic tumors and ophthalmic pathology. Other clinical specialties include: ocular tumors, orbital disease and diagnosis and treatment for rare eye diseases; histopathologic diagnosis and consultation for ocular diseases; diagnosis by B ultrasound and ophthalmic imaging. Her research interests are clinical histopathologic features of Ocular tumor, basic research of molecular pathology and the related application research for proliferative mechanism. She has published more than 30 SCI indexed peer-reviewed articles and 85 articles in prominent Chinese journals.