Jacky Wai Yip LEE (Hong Kong)

Dr. Jacky Lee graduated with distinctions from medical school at The University of Hong Kong. He is an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lee was formerly Associate Consultant in Ophthalmology with the Hospital Authority and Clinical Assistant Professor of The University of Hong Kong, prior to his current private practice.

Dr. Lee has 68 publications in international, peer-reviewed journals and authored 10 book chapters. He is the academic editor of Medicine®; editorial board member of International Journal of Ophthalmology and Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology; and a reviewer for 35 international medical journals including The Lancet.

Dr. Lee was one of the World Champions in the International Council of Ophthalmology knowledge competition. He has been awarded gold medals and research awards by various organizations including the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Hospital Authority, and the Hong Kong Annual Scientific Meeting Ophthalmological Symposium committee. He has presented clinical research, delivered invited lectures, taught instruction courses, and chaired symposium sessions in a number of international conferences. He has secured grants that have helped introduce minimally-invasive glaucoma surgeries to Hong Kong and was one of the first Ophthalmologist in Hong Kong to be certificated as a Trabectome® trainer.