Dr Ronald R. Krueger, MD, MSE, is currently the Medical Director of the Department of Refractive Surgery at Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. As a cornea trained specialist, he has performed fifteen thousand refractive surgery procedures and has been the principle investigator on 5 clinical trials. He has 24 years of experience in excimer laser research, including the first physical descriptions of the effects of the excimer lasers on corneal tissue, and many more developments, including the early principles of ocular wavefront customized laser vision correction. To this end, he has co-organized an international congress on Ocular Wavefront Customization for the past 8 years and co-authored the first book on the subject, "Customized Corneal Ablation: The Quest for Super-Vision", which was later followed by a second edition. He also has over 12 years research experience in ultra short pulse laser photodisruption of ocular tissue, and is involved in research investigating the cause(s) of presbyopia and restoration of accommodation with ultra short pulse lasers.

He has authored over one hundred peer reviewed publications and many more abstracts, book chapters and trade journal articles. He is currently Co-Medical Lead for the concept OptoQuest, a Cleveland Clinic spin-off company and serves on multiple scientific advisory boards. He was the former Secretary of Education and board member of the ISRS prior to its merger with the AAO, and now serves in both the executive and program committees of the new ISRS/AAO. He has been Associate Editor for the Journal of Refractive Surgery for over 12 years, and has lectured on refractive surgery in over 40 nations. Dr Kruger received the American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat Award 2010; the Gold Medal Award, Indian Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery in 2010; Lans Distinguished Award by the ISRS/AAO in 2008; to name but a few. Dr Krueger has edited 4 books and has more than 25 book chapters to date.