Wei CHEN (China)

Dr. Wei Chen is a professor of ophthalmology and the head of Cornea Service at the affiliated eye hospital of Wenzhou Medical College in China. He graduated from Wenzhou Medical College with a medical degree in 1998 and from Shanghai Fudan University with a PhD in 2002. He was a postdoctoral research fellow at Schepens Eye Research Institute and in Dr. Stephen Pflugfelder's lab at Baylor.

He is an author of over 60 scientific research publications including 36 internationally peer-reviewed papers in journals such as AJO, IOVS, Cornea, BJO, etc. He has also served as reviewer for eight international journals in the field of ophthalmology and vision science including IOVS, BJO, Cornea, JCRS, etc. He is an advisory member of China Cornea Society and Asia Dry Eye Society. He has attracted over US $500,000 in grants and awards. He has experience of more than 1,500 cases of DALK, DSAEK and PKP. His clinical and research interests include the molecular mechanism and animal model of dry eye, corneal tissue engineering, corneal transplantation and prevention of cataract blindness.