Xinyuan ZHANG (China)

Dr Xinyuan Zhang (MD PhD) currently serves as the Professor and PhD supervisor in Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology, Beijing TongRen Eye Center.

As a vitreous-retinal clinical scientist, Dr Zhang’s clinical interests lie in treatments and designing, conducting randomized clinical trials (RCT) on retinal diseases especially on retinal vascular and macular diseases. Dr Zhang’s research interests focus on exploring the molecular mechanisms of different medicines on retinal diseases (e.g. diabetic retinopathy) and applying new treatments on retinal diseases (such as gene therapy). By employing the more recent concepts of disease pathogenesis and a variety of recently developed laboratory techniques, she has published several original and invited reviews in leading international Journals such as ‘diabetes (IF 8.889).

Dr Zhang has been appointed as the secretary of the Chinese Ophthalmological society (COS) and mainly in-charges the international exchanges. Dr Zhang has been recommended and has actively participated in several international leadership programs in Ophthalmology (USA, APAO ect). Professor Zhang work tightly with the ARVO leadership and participant in the ARVO-CHINA and CHINA- ARVO chapters three years ago. More than 40 high quality SCI manuscripts have been published by Dr Zhang’s team. As the project leader, Professor Zhang is currently running 14 national and provincial projects, and 16 invited reviewers for the international SCI journals.