Yuanbo LIANG (China)

Dr. Yuanbo Liang is a professor and director of the Clinical and Epidemiological Eye Research Center, Wenzhou Medical University. Dr. Liang is currently a member and secretary of the Standing Committee for Blindness Prevention, Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology; vice president of the Evidence Based Ophthalmology Group, Chinese Medical Doctor Association; and youth commissary of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society.

He has 10 years of experience in population-based studies and clinical trials. He was project manager of the Handan Eye Study, which was the first comprehensive population-based eye study conducted in rural China. He is also the principal investigator of two longitudinal studies: the Beijing Myopia Progression Study and the Handan Offspring Eye Study. As a major investigator, he participated in eight RCTs.

Supported by the university and local government, Dr. Liang is setting up a new model and platform of clinical research and epidemiological study in Wenzhou, China. He started a large-scale glaucoma screening program in March 2014, which to date has screened 35,000 elderly persons and detected 700 new cases of glaucoma. The goal of this program is to double the detection rate of glaucoma through screening and patient education. A large glaucoma follow-up study is ongoing.